Getting unstuck

Last weekend we had very wet and wild weather in Sydney. It forced me to slow down and take a much needed rest. This proved a great opportunity to reflect on the year so far and realign.

I started scribing in my freedom mastery journal (thanks for the Christmas gift Myz) which has a section to reflect on your last 90 days and to design your next 90 days.  Sharing my reflections on the sections below which thought may be useful for you to take your own reflections in the different areas.

This reflection timed perfectly with a new “Getting Unstuck” 21 day meditation series from Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra which I have been enjoying: Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra Launch Final 21-Day Meditation Experience: “Getting Unstuck: Creating a Limitless Life.

Celebrating achievements

Reflecting on this section since the beginning of 2021 I noted helping Ethan settle into school well, mentoring and coaching individuals, a successful Husky race weekend for Owain and I, dry January, a thriving Tenfold community including our women CEOs and NFP CEOs and making some progress with my swimming. 

What achievements can you celebrate in the past few months? The freedom mastery monthly planner includes a section to note what you will award yourself when you achieve what you have planned. For me with swimming more regularly this included a new cap and googles 🙂

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”

Oprah Winfrey

Was I in harmony?

In this section you fill in a wheel of life rating your life out of 10 in the sections of finance, personal growth, health, family, relationships, social life, attitude and career. 

I realised my career, personal growth, social life and immediate family were very high but some of the other areas had suffered a bit like not having as much energy to put into friend relationships, my own health and family overseas. How is your harmony wheel? 

I was reminded how useful it is to stop and reflect every few months to see how we’re going and make any adjustments. It’s not about judging or being harsh on ourselves, it’s accepting where we are and having the empowerment to make some tweaks.

I reflected I feel like I’m helping to create quite lot of positive impact which was my intention for 2021, however that without having enough rejuvination going in this can start to deplete you, with a need to fill up our own buckets.

Are you putting enough into your bucket?

How can I bring more harmony into my life? 

I reflected that the areas which were down are the things that do rejunivate me – self care activities for health, laughing with friends and being connected to family.

I decided to start yoga again (and booked into yin the next day) which always seems to bring more harmony to me, book in some self care activities over the Easter break (a hair appointment, massage and facial), to take the pressure off with long course triathlon racing (pulling out of the Sunny Coast 70.3), sticking to the shorter races (go the Gong!), priortise family zooms again and time with precious friends.

“If you don’t design your own life plans, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much”

Jim Rohn

How did I make myself feel good?

For me this was alcohol free time, ocean swimming, French family zooms, self care activities like massage and blow dry’s, listening to music and quality family time. I found it good to reflect on these to then double down on these in the next few months!

What did not happen and why?

Looking back at my intentions for the quarter, I wasn’t consistent with my evening routine plans to unplug, meditate and read each night before bed. I also reflected I hadn’t put as much energy as I would have liked into getting to know the parents at Ethan’s school. That is now a focus for the next 90 days and we have lots of birthday parties to help with this! 

Who have your learnt from?

I am fortunate in my work to be continually learning and inspired. As well as listing a few people in my immediate network, I thought about a couple of global thought leaders that featured in our Tenfold Masterclasses. The first being Lindsay McGregor, CEO of the Vega Factor, HBR contributor and author of “Primed to Perform” who discusses the importance of play, potential and purpose as three important motivators in the workplace, especially when working from home.

The second being Stanford fellow and author of “Indistractable” Nir Eyal who shared with our network that “Choosing your attention is choosing your life.” Some practical tips from Nir included:

  • Using the ‘Do Not Disturb by Driving’ setting on the iphone when you are trying to really focus and only receive a text only if urgent
  • Having a silly hat or equivalent when working at home with kids that means you are in the concentration zone not to be interrupted
  • The 10 minute rule – when you feel distracted note the sensations and time yourself for 10 minutes before you give into them

I hope by sharing these reflections, they may have triggered a few thoughts for you. What are one or two things you might tweak in your weekly routines for the next few months? I went to yoga again this morning and can already feel the harmony restoring 🙂

To finish in the wise words of Jim Rohn:

“You cannot change your destination over night but you can change your direction” 

Jim Rohn

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