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How are you managing your energy?

Today’s theme of energy management builds on the concept of identifying and balancing our different buckets which I’ve written about previously in “Getting real about trying to do it all – identifying and balancing out buckets” I’ve enjoyed a recovery day today after a busy few weeks (including the boys picking up conjunctivitis and headlice […]

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There’s a reason we’re called human beings and not human doings.

Dear reader, I hope you are well. It’s been a busy and rewarding period for me since my last post including a trip to the UK for my mum’s 60th birthday and moving into a new family home. I’ve been waiting for some writing inspiration and some came through yesterday when a beautiful friend sent […]

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Are you Getting into your Green Zone?

How much of your day do you feel that your body’s in stress versus recovery mode? Whilst we can have a guestimate ourselves, there is a way to take a more scientific approach via heart rate variability testing. I recently went through three days of this in the form of a Lifestyle assessment followed by […]

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