Accepting what is

This morning I listened to a beautiful, short meditation on the Chopra app ‘Accepting what is’.

Their Chief Impact Officer Devi Brown has been leading a series of meditations building up to the US election to help support people that may be anxious. A quote she shared at the beginning of the meditation resonated with me and reminded me of Jon Kabat Zinn’s wise words that “we only have moments to live.”
“Whether it’s the best of times or worst of times it’s the only time we’ve got”
Art Buchwald
The meditation went on to say, “Accepting what is, doesn’t mean we are indifferent to the world, it means we remain steady in the face of pleasure and pain, wins and loses, expansion and contraction. In accepting what is we ride the fluctuations of emotions and experiences with equanimity, a calm even state of mind.” Equanimity is one of one favourite words and states when in it. I felt very inspired after this meditation and started writing this blog only to be interrupted moments later by my little boys wanting to play outside with their new big dinosaur egg from Halloween. I took a breath, accepted the moment that was and we had a fun time playing with the new toy.

It was great to have this inspiration for the day ahead as later that morning we battled through the rain to make it to Huw’s Little Kickers session. It seems very quiet on arrival and we shortly realised it wasn’t on and the hall was empty. I later discovered a text had been sent to cancel it which I didn’t receive as we were making up a class.

The heavens then well and truly opened outside and we were without a car. I remembered the morning’s meditation and accepted the situation, smiled at the boys and said it’s ok. Then suddenly the centre manager a lovely man called Deano appeared from the office upstairs. Recognising our situation he acted with compassion and gave us four footballs from the cupboard so we could play. Coach mummy sprang into action and we had lot of fun playing on the full pitch ourselves until daddy arrived to pick us up to save us a wet walk home.

I often find that when we give in and surrender to the universe, a way forward unfolds. I feel particularly in this present time, ‘accepting what is’ can help us thrive versus survive. With so many unknowns like changes in stages/tiers and lockdowns, travel restrictions and the uncertainty surrounding the US election. I find it useful to focus on what we can control each day, for example practicing gratitude, meditating, eating well, connecting with family and friends. laughing, not watching the news and exercising. Doing things in our control to strengthen our mind and body. I’m reminded by some wise words I heard from Tony Robbins,
“Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole world changes in an instant.”
In a recent interview with Tim Ferriss, Matthew McConaughey – shares his one best thought for people right now is to laugh at their own expense to help us navigate through these times. He also shared an analogy of enjoying running downhill and momentum when things are going well in your life as there will always be obstacles along the way. Hope these words resonate for some. Feeling grateful here that I could finish writing this after driving back from a trampoline play with the boys crashed out 🙏 Safe and well wishes to all

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