The podcast revolution

As an avid lover of learning I’ve really enjoyed embracing the current podcast revolution.

Whether it’s on a run home from work, the bus commute, cooking dinner or a quick walk pushing the pram I love that you can learn and listen on the go from so many wisdom inspirations.

I enjoy having conversations with others around what they’re listening to and thought it may be useful to share ten podcast recommendations that I’ve found valuable.

#1 The Tim Ferriss Show

This was the first podcast I listened to and is perhaps my favourite podcast to return to. I admire the way Tim thinks and his network brings along some awesome guests.

Episode I recommend – Adam Robinson – Outflanking and Outsmarting the Competition – Note some great words of wisdom to university students.

#2 Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn interviews great masters of scale including Airbnb’s Brian Chesky which I recommend listening to here.

#3 Making Positive Psychology Work with Michelle McQuaid

I was a fan of Michelle’s work before her podcast and really enjoy her creative format including the lightning round at the end. A recent favourite episode was ‘Are you Curious Enough?’ With Diana Whitney

#4 Ladies We Need To Talk – ABC Radio

A refreshing podcast with smart women talking about issues not normally tackled on air, caution not for the faint hearted! Time to name (and shame) the mental load gave me an interesting reflection on the mental load of lots of daily items that build up over time.

#5 The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll discusses all things wellness with lots of forward thinking minds.

His interview of John McAvoy, criminal turned professional athlete really gave me a fresh perspective.

#6 Don’t Stop Us Now with Claire Hatton and Greta Thomas

This was a podcast I came across more recently and loved the openness of the presenters. Recommend this episode exploring the topic of purpose.

#7 Coffee Pods with Holly Ransom

I heard Holly speak at our Emerging Leaders in Multinationals event this year and was inspired by her words around embracing our courage zones. Holly asks some great questions and has a lot of episodes related to supporting entrepreneurs, check out this recent episode with Vicki Saunders, Founder of SheEO.

#8 Deep Listening ‘Impact Beyond Words’ with Oscar Trimboli

Oscar is a dear friend and mentor and his thoughtful podcast delves into deep insights on listening with professional listeners including anthropologist Michelle Barry.

I’m inspired by Oscar’s mission to create 100 million deep listeners in the world.

# 9 TED Talks Daily

Short podcasts for flashes of inspiration from the team at TED. Next on my list is this episode- ‘Don’t Fear Superintelligent AI’

#10 Optimal Daily Living

Justin Malik narrates blogs on areas such as personal development, minimalism, finance and health.

This episode looking at decision making was impactful for me.

I hope you may find a podcast that resonates for you and provides an insight and action to help you on your life long learning journey.

Would love to hear any thoughts on these or other recommendations to spread the podcast love. Thanks to those of you who have recommended me to these, paying forward the learning.

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