Life is Full of New Beginnings 

Family Matthews have recently returned from a few weeks overseas visiting family and friends in the U.K. and Cyprus. 

Approximately 33,000kms traveled across 7 locations with a 2 year and 4 month old! When we finally got home we took a moment to cheers with a beer! 

It was very nostalgic to be back after 5 years away and wonderful to catch up with lots of family and friends. 

Here are some wisdom snippets I picked up along the way which I thought others may enjoy to spread the learning:

Life is full of new beginnings – this gem was shared by my maternal Grandma who I shared a very special conversation with. At 92 she said there’s always a new beginning like meeting her first great Grandchildren.

Always be a kid at heart – from my 62 year old dad who still loves playing pranks! We were in the garden one day and he said where do you think Ethan’s sock is? He’d hidden it under his hat and was chuckling. Inspired, I embraced my inner kid on the trip enjoying water park fun in Cyprus and a zip wire play in the U.K. which felt exhilarating 🙂 

The power of unconditional love – this one from my mum who was born to be a Grandma – seeing her in her element was very special and made me feel grateful for the unconditional love my sister and I grew up with.

Distance means so little, when people mean so much – from my great friend Sharan who it was wonderful to spend time with. It was like we’d never been away as it is where you catch up with dear friends. 

Don’t overthink things – this one emerged from me after being a bit apprehensive about 21 hours of flying with the little ones! In the end it was fine, tiring but the boys were champions and Huw didn’t have a melt down. I even took some mental pictures of some precious moments of our beautiful boys flying high. 

To finish one more nugget from my husband Owain’s old running coach Des who shared his greatest life lesson paid forward from his dear late mum was to just live life. 

Cheers to that 🙂 

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