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Finding your Flow

In my last post I shared some learning from a Golden Door Health Retreat ‘Fostering a Growth Mindset’ seminar. Here I reflect on a subsequent seminar by David Bott from the Institute of Positive Education looking at the state of flow. Steven Kotler (co-founder of the Flow Genome Project), describes flow as an ‘optimal state of […]

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Finding The Perfect Imbalance

Great to collaborate with a fellow passionate working mum Claire de Carteret on this article exploring finding the perfect imbalance. As two busy working mums often on the go, let’s start by exploring what balance or imbalance means / looks like for you? Claire: Balance is the symbol of calm and control. A perfect symmetry of harmony […]

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What makes a good life?

I’ve been feeling quite reflective lately after the passing of a couple of well-loved people in my network. This post seemed timely to revisit, which I started drafting after watching a TED talk on ‘What makes a good life?’ (referred by a friend). It follows on nicely from my last post ‘Keep the main thing, […]

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