Becoming Mum #2 

With the imminent arrival of a second baby boy I revisited my post Becoming Mum and checked in how do things feel this time round?

  • I feel excited/nervous about the birth remembering the painful contractions during labour and immediate joy once Ethan was out.
  • I feel I want to make the most of quality time with Ethan and Owain before baby comes out requiring a lot of my attention
  • I feel it’s important to rest knowing the sleep interrupted nights around the corner!
  •  I feel like I may need four arms to carry everything that comes with a baby and a toddler!
  • I feel excited to meet our new family member with a deep sense of purpose

Some tips I’ve been paid forward to help transition to life with two under 2:

  • Make sure you still give number 1 attention and quality time, their world has changed where as baby #2 knows no different
  • Let your toddler pick a toy to give to the baby and have a present from the baby for your toddler that you know they’ll Iike
  • Run number 1 wild to keep expending their energy when you do get out 🙂 
  • Welcome any help offered with open arms – ‘it takes a village to raise a child’
  • Make sure you nap or lie down and rest on those rare occasions both are settled!

Some labour mantras that I’ve picked up from friends and family (thank you!) that I thought maybe useful for others with any upcoming physical / mental endurance events!:

  • Your body knows what to do 
  • Carpe diem ‘Seize the day!’
  • The pain is in the body not the mind or the breath 
  • Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success
  • Focus, breathe, relax 

Love to hear any more wisdom snippets and we’ll keep you posted on any arrival news! 

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