Someone to love, meaningful work and something to look forward to

As we draw to the end of 2014 I reflect on these three things which a wonderful friend and colleague Mandy shared with me at our recent IECL offsite.

She said if someone to love, meaningful work (something to do) and something to look forward to are keys to a happy life she is blessed to have meaningful work which is often lacking from peoples’ list.


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I thought I’d have a brief look at each of these components.

Someone to love
Do you have someone in your life that you love more than yourself?

I’ve found having a loving, supportive life partner has been one of the most important things in empowering me to spread my wings and be the best I can be. I believe there is a match for everyone out there and 2015 could be your year if still searching for yours.

I have heard having kids is a huge perspective taking experience and many people have shared you suddenly have a being you care more about than anyone and just want the best for them. As my husband Owain and I prepare for the birth of a baby boy next May we really look forward to this next chapter.

Meaningful work

How does your work make a difference?

This Live in the Grey philosophy pictured below really captures meaningful work for me. I have a printed a canvas of this to display by my desk at IECL.

A powerful way I’ve discovered this year to find your meaning at work is connecting your personal purpose to your workplace’s purpose, vision of mission. I explored this in How do you want to spend your remaining heartbeats? Part 1. 


Something to look forward to

Do you have something in 2015 which makes you smile just thinking about it?

Growing up my sister Holly and I always wanted to have something in the diary to look forward to. When she turned 18 this became an annual sister holiday. I have carried this thought through life and always have something in the diary to look forward to.

I think this is the easiest of the three to take into your own hands quickly and make real. If you don’t have anything in the horizon what can you plan right now to look forward to?

On that note wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year ahead. I look forward to continuing to share insights to inspire action if right for you in 2015!

I would love to hear any feedback on my posts this year if you’ve been following here, Linked In or on the Huff Post. Here’s a short survey which I’d really appreciate you taking a few minutes to compete as a highly valued reader:

Survey respondents will be able to receive a special blog in the New Year on discovering your strengths to set 2015 up for success.



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