Sleep your way to the top….Thrive takeaways

Arianna Huffington’s book ‘Thrive’ has taken the business world by storm and I believe is the ‘Lean In’ equivalent of 2014. Having strongly related to the messaging in this book, I wanted to share 10 of my top takeaways.


  1. We need to redefine success from power and money with a third metric embodying well being, wonder, wisdom and giving
  2. Mindfulness and meditation positively impact all aspects of the third metric and are a growing global trend
  3. In business we should learn from sport that recovery is the ultimate performance enhancing drug
  4. Sleep is an essential ingredient to prevent burnout and is heavily linked to performance
  5. Coincidences are life’s secret door to wonder eliciting our curiosity of the nature of the universe
  6. Giving and being in service of something greater than ourselves is one of the best sources of happiness you can get
  7. Being mindful and looking at the world in wonder gives you a whole new perspective e.g. a tree as a fascinating ecosystem
  8. The detrimental effects of over connectivity are making it harder to unplug and renew ourselves
  9. Life is a classroom and everything is a teacher, always be open to learning and the power of wisdom 
  10. It’s healthy to talk about death as it is to talk about new life and Arianna calls for society to encourage preparing for this gracefully

Questions left to reflect on:

How can we encourage more schools to teach mindfulness and meditation practices?

There is SO much research to suggest healthy workplaces equate to better results, why aren’t more organisations living this?

Would love to hear any thoughts and others reflection of Thrive. I am very excited to be attending Wisdom 2.0 Business in October to see Arianna speak in person and will be sure to share the insights!

Next on the book list is Dr Adam Grant’s Give and Take 🙂



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