How I Made A Very Big Decision (and how you can too)

Originally published on Huff Post I’ve recently made a few big life decisions that have left me reflecting on the decision making process. One decision involved a change in career direction which I will focus on for the purpose of this post. This decision (to focus on building my own business instead of returning to […]

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Embarking 2017 with a Growth Mindset

I spent a lot of 2016 collaborating with an IECL client partner on their quest to embed a Growth Mindset across the Organisation in relation to managing performance. I then finished work for maternity leave in December and went to the Golden Door Health Retreat for a few days of R&R. Imagine my surprise when […]

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The key to work-life balance lies inside

The old adage of work-life balance has been discussed plentifully for years yet still proves to be topical and of interest to people. We all strive to achieve it but do we know what success with this looks like? I prefer the term work-life integration as believe a state can be achieved where they are integrated […]

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