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What I Know for Sure

The question “What do you know for sure?” stunned Oprah Winfrey when she was first asked it in an interview, and she’s spent years since reflecting on this and asking it to others.

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Compassion for a Cockroach

A few weeks ago I witnessed a beautiful encounter of compassion between our three year old Ethan, 20 month old Huw and a cockroach that I thought others may enjoy hearing. On Friday morning, Ethan and Huw had woken up and we were taking the usual walk down a few stairs into the lounge when […]

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The podcast revolution

As an avid lover of learning I’ve really enjoyed embracing the current podcast revolution. Whether it’s on a run home from work, the bus commute, cooking dinner or a quick walk pushing the pram I love that you can learn and listen on the go from so many wisdom inspirations. I enjoy having conversations with […]

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