Fifty Shades of Fun

Much has been written and spoken about the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie released here in Australia on the 13th February. From the accounts I’ve heard this has mainly been negative feedback. For instance Lisa Wilkinson from the Today Show said “It’s more appalling than appealing”… “It’s domestic violence dressed up as erotica… if there’s one thing this movie is not, it’s erotic”… and a very strong statement that this is the “Worst movie I’ve ever seen”.  

Mia Freedman shared another opinion on the movie: “It’s FICTION. Fiction is not a community service announcement. Fiction is not a government program. There are bad people in life. There are bad people in fiction.  Is it not being taught in schools.  It is a MOVIE.  IT is a BOOK”. I have to agree with Mia, I can think of so many thriller movies I’ve watched which have shown really bad situations which have never received the outrage that Fifty shades has. For instance the recent movie ‘Taken 3’.

I think we need to take a step back and see the movie for what it is, a fictional novel which has raised the imagination of primarily women all over the globe. For the men out there, don’t feel left out there is a spoof series including ‘Fifty Sheds of Grey’ by L.O.L James 🙂

I went with a group of ten girlfriends on Friday evening to see for ourselves. After hearing about all the negativity it had received I must admit we did have pretty low expectations. I mean people have even been asking for refunds after the movie!

So what was the verdict…we were all pleasantly surprised and found it quite funny in places, easy to watch and with a bit of a thrill from the provocative scenes. It certainly inspired the single ladies with their year of the man (#YOTM) quest! My thought is that it’s perfect for a girls night out.

Taking a glass half full approach the movie has caused an occasion for  ladies everywhere to get together, husbands/partners to be curious and the subject of sex which can be taboo to be spoken about more easily. I spoke to my mum this week who’s going to see it with my husband’s mum in the UK. It’s bringing people together. For me the best part was the occasion of getting together-enjoying dumplings beforehand, having a shared movie experience and heading for a drink afterwards. I thank Fifty Shades for that.

Some of my thoughts in response to the Fifty Shades Outrage:

  • Letting go of the need to find the bad in things and looking for the positives
  • Thinking what is something I can get out of this situation?
  • Wondering how can we respond mindfully and not react?
  • Being in the moment and not over analysing things
  • Embracing the power of connection

As a final note, if you don’t take the movie too seriously I think people would enjoy it more. I’m sure it was never set out to be an Oscar contender 🙂 For all the critics out there, the producers will still smiling with estimates of it taking in $100million over the full three-day Valentine’s Day weekend. A toast to the ladies who enjoyed their Galentines Day.



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